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Light of the World Gospel Church & Community Centre

Gospel Hall Community Church

The Church uphold and preach the Holiness of God from Genesis to Revelation. We embrace the Holy Trinity and the full knowledge that only through Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection, can anyone be saved.

We are a life giving, spirit filling, muli-cultural church, and we welcome all people from many backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

(1 Corinthians 16:14)

gospel hall community church

The Light Of The World Gospel Hall Community Church started with the call of God, upon the life of the Founder/Senior Pastor & C. E. O. Rev S. C. Sangster in 1983.

The church was formed in the Basement of her home and became a registered charity in 1985.

Rev Sangster is a Theologically trained and Qualified Ordained Minister, with overall responsibility for the organisation.

The church and community centre have a constitution, a Board of Directors, Trustees, a Treasurer, an Accountant and Solicitor.

gospel hall community church

The role Of The Light Of The World Community Centre in West Bowling, is to serve the local community both spiritually and physically. We want to serve the community by Gods work in acts of support, guidance and assistance in day to day life.

We endeavour to do this through our accessible and affordable services, which are currently available. Our aims and objectives are to work with other groups in the community in order to build a better West Bowling.

The community Centre is the result of secured funds, and the Volunteers are still actively involved in the running of some of the projects.